Ordering Repeats

If you have repeats available with us, please send us a message to let us know you'd like us to make these up for you.  Please allow 24 hours for these to be made up.  If you need them sooner, please let us know they're urgent in your message.


New Prescriptions from your doctor

If you have requested a new or repeat prescription from your doctor, you can ask them to send it to us - Life Pharmacy Motueka via email or fax 035289981, and we will then make it up for you.  Please allow 24 hours from the time you request it from your doctor for it to be ready for you to collect from us, unless urgent then we can ensure the script is processed immediately.


Repeat Reminder Service

Life gets busy. So, we offer a service to remind you about your next prescription repeat. If you have repeats available, we will send you a text message before your next scheduled repeat date. If you need that medicine, let us know and we'll get it ready for you.  You can let us know by calling (03) 528 9980, or email 

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